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Preparedness is essential. To ensure you are skilled and self-assured on the road, you will complete 52 hours of classroom-based learning with experienced driver trainers and state-of-the-art semi-truck simulators.

Our training is located at Texas A&M's University Systems RELLIS Campus in Bryan, Texas. RCTA provides a professional, technology-driven, hands-on training environment designed to educate students in the safe operation of commercial vehicles throughout the transportation industry.



Behind-the-wheel range training provides you with hands-on experience performing shifting, backing, decelerating, pre and post-trip inspections, etc. Practice makes perfect, and after 40 hours in the truck, you will be confident and proficient in your abilities.



Hitting the open road with an experienced driver trainer for two weeks is the final phase in your journey to a new career. Performed off-site using area state highways and roads, you will put everything you have learned to the test before officially obtaining your CDL.


RCTA Training Includes:

  • Commercial vehicle inspections, preparing students to identify and diagnose equipment malfunctions

  • Automatic and standard transmission, with box van and tank trailer training available

  • Skills test required; double-clutch shifting for those choosing to learn on standard transmissions

  • FMCSA and Department of Transportation interstate commerce rules and regulations, hours of service requirements, roadside inspection procedures, cargo securement, and documentation

  • Basic vehicle control, close-quarters maneuvering, backing/docking maneuvers, and coupling/uncoupling procedures

  • Speed and space management, hazard perception, skid control, recovery, and jackknife prevention

  • Trip planning, map reading, time management, along with fatigue and wellness awareness for the commercial vehicle operator

  • The effects of recognizing and assisting in the fight against human trafficking.

  • All other educational aspects required in testing and receiving a CDL

Commercial Driver Skills Training
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