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Congratulations, Mr. Nelson!

Mr. Ja Lexisan Nelson, who goes by Jay, has worked hard to provide for his wife and young daughter. This past year has been rough, and like so many, he went to a truck driving school to make a better life for his family. After almost four months, Jay was left empty-handed, had no CDL, and never even got behind the wheel of a truck. He experienced lots of simulation training and then was sent packing! Down on himself, he came across RCTA out at the RELLIS campus in Bryan, TX. After six weeks of hands-on behind-the-wheel training, like so many others attending RCTA, Mr. Nelson leaves us with a smile on his face, a CDL in his wallet, and pride in his heart, knowing that his year-long struggle has finally come to an end! With that open road calling his name, Jay is starting his career hauling bulk milk tankers to Houston, TX, for Western Dairy Transport! Congratulations, Jay, and thank you for letting us be a part of your struggle turned accomplishment!! Good luck, and stay safe!!


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